The Truth about Almonds (Almost No One Knows This Dirty Secret)

Almonds are thought-about as one of many healthiest meals on the Planet, due to their many well being advantages. Nevertheless, right here’s an data to consider the subsequent time you need to purchase almonds.

CDC has admitted that propylene oxide is a cancer-causing chemical, and consider it or not, many of the almonds offered in America have been fumigated with this poisonous chemical.

The Truth about Almonds (Almost No One Knows This Dirty Secret)

Promoting uncooked almonds in America was unlawful in 2007. The explanation for this regulation was a Salmonella outbreak in Canada, which was brought on by a Californian almond grower. The outbreak was stopped because the California Division of Well being Providers helped the almond grower to enhance the protection of his merchandise.

Nevertheless, shortly after the primary salmonella outbreak, there was a second one, and few authorities businesses collect collectively to set a correct therapy to stop future outbreak of Salmonella. Though it’s fairly unusual that Salmonella can seem in dry elements like almonds, nonetheless it’s attainable.

To considerably cut back the probabilities of salmonella, almonds have to be handled in one of many following methods:

  • Warmth publicity to acquire 200 levels temperature
  • Fumigating kernels with propylene oxide fuel in a closed chamber

This was occurring actually quick, so the price of compliance has pushed small sized almond growers out of the enterprise. This resulted to almond business consisted solely of massive company almond producers. Consequently, the ‘natural’ almonds are typically uncovered to 200 levels warmth, whereas based on the overall rule almonds not labeled as ‘natural’ are fumigated with the fuel propylene oxide.

So, what this implies is that each one almonds offered in America are handled in certainly one of these two strategies, and consequently lots of their life-improving properties have been misplaced. This isn’t the case with almonds offered in small portions immediately from the grower at roadside stands and native markets, or these shipped from one other nation.

Propylene Oxide Risks

In Canada, Mexico, and the entire E.U. there’s a prohibition of propylene oxide (PPO). In America, PPO was banned by the Nationwide Sizzling Rod Associations and the American Bike.

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemical compounds has labeled propylene oxide as harmful to well being due to its skill to trigger irritation, its acute toxicity, and its carcinogenic and mutagenic properties.

Analysis Present Which Almond Model is Finest?

Many well-liked manufacturers of almonds that are promoting in shops and on-line, have been analyzed by the Meals Identification Theft. They found that:

  • Kirkland Signature Costco Chocolate Lined Almonds and their entire almonds have proven to be handled with propylene oxide fumigation
  • Almond from the model Planter (not owned by Kraft Meals) have proven to be handled with warmth
  • Almonds from the model Diamond of California are fumigated with propylene oxide
  • Almonds from Blue Diamond differ. The entire-nut pure line of almonds is fumigated with propylene oxide, whereas the slivered and sliced almonds are handled with warmth
  • 365 by Entire Meals Market model differ. There’s equal possibilities that the traditional 365 line of almonds is handled or not handled with warmth, and the natural 365 line is sort of definitely handled with warmth
  • Almonds from Again to Nature model are handled with warmth
  • Almonds from Superior Nut Firm are handled with propylene oxide, besides for his or her natural line of almonds that’s promoting on-line
  • All almonds from the model Dealer Pleasure are handled with warmth

The therapy of nuts type many different manufacturers continues to be unknown, and we are able to’t know the therapy methodology of almonds used within the content material of different merchandise.


The strict requirements for almonds may shield a small group of individuals from Salmonella, however however, the almonds fumigated with propylene oxide are guaranteeing chemical toxicity for hundreds of thousands of shoppers. The imposed therapy strategies are an actual tragedy whatever the many well being advantages of almonds.

Almond Well being Advantages

  • They vitamin B which is crucial for glutathione recycling

Sadly, the explanations for which almonds had been as soon as thought-about because the chief of all nuts may now not exist, and we should always attempt to discover different nuts which nonetheless haven’t felt the ability of the heavy hand of the federal government.